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Dianne Dupuis, RN, BSN, MPA

Lives in Chehalis, Washington United States ·
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Dianne Dupuis, RN, BSN, M
Dianne Dupuis, RN, BSN, M
Hello all, I am just really getting started on here. It is a pleasure to join this community!
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Laura Valenza, RN, BScN
Welcome to the community where are you from
 Jane E. Gabbidon, RN, BS
Thanks for the connection. I have just published a book “A Practical Guide to Qualitative Healthcare”. As we are all aware, most health care regulations are not taught in schools. Healthcare profes...
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Yolanda M. Guess, RN, MSN
Wow, congratulation. Where can I get this book?
Dianne Dupuis, RN, BSN, M
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