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Elio E. Varona, RN

Lives in Coral Gables, Florida United States · Born on July 21, 1971
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Elio E. Varona, RN
Elio E. Varona, RN
Absolutely blessed in 2016...Critical Care Certified. I am speechless
Sabrina Clayton, RN, BS
Thank you for accepting my friend request!
Elio E. Varona, RN
By the board...Gladly and proud of myself.
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Elio E. Varona, RN
Happy since this week I started ICU course. So happy.
Bryan Rogers, RN, BSN
Sure, if I come across other sites for new ICU nurses Ill let you know. I share sites with the new grads that I precept.
Elio E. Varona, RN
Ok...too bad we are far away.
Elio E. Varona, RN
Bringing a simple smile to my patients every morning, makes them feel happy. And the relationship becomes stronger.
Jody Roblyer, RN, PNP-BC
They just want to feel cared for!
Dana Hurtubise, RN
I believe a tender smile...a minute of genuine listening makes the biggest difference between a pt or res trusting their care giver and a pt or res feeling lost in the system.
Elio E. Varona, RN
Early this year, March. Progressive Care. For telemetry care.
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