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Elio E. Varona, RN

Lives in Coral Gables, Florida United States · Born on July 21, 1971
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Elio E. Varona, RN
Elio E. Varona, RN
Scroll down for my review....I am speechless.
Vincent Stone
Elio E. Varona, RN
Elio E. Varona, RN
Absolutely blessed in 2016...Critical Care Certified. I am speechless
Sabrina Clayton, RN, BS
Thank you for accepting my friend request!
Elio E. Varona, RN
By the board...Gladly and proud of myself.
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Elio E. Varona, RN
Happy since this week I started ICU course. So happy.
Bryan Rogers, RN, BSN
Sure, if I come across other sites for new ICU nurses Ill let you know. I share sites with the new grads that I precept.
Elio E. Varona, RN
Ok...too bad we are far away.
Elio E. Varona, RN
Bringing a simple smile to my patients every morning, makes them feel happy. And the relationship becomes stronger.
Jody Roblyer, RN, PNP-BC
They just want to feel cared for!
Dana Hurtubise, RN
I believe a tender smile...a minute of genuine listening makes the biggest difference between a pt or res trusting their care giver and a pt or res feeling lost in the system.
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