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Janet R. Sheppard, LVN II
Nurses week
Nurses week at work was great our residents made us cards and gave us chocolate candy. Our company brought all of us nurses Which was very nice....
Janet R. Sheppard, LVN II
Well one more week with nursing student doing her 90 hours of preceptor before her graduation from nursing school....
Janet R. Sheppard, LVN II
Starting Sunday back to preceptor new nursing student for 5 weeks before she can graduate from nursing program....
Janet R. Sheppard, LVN II
Week at work
Another one of those weeks are work were you take control from another nurse send 2 of her residents out to acute cause she is about to brake down crying....
Janet R. Sheppard, LVN II
Hard day at work
It's hard day at work when u have 2 resident ready to go to heaven and u love them all it makes for a long hard sad day.One of my residents went to heaven today and it hit me hard was on tears at lunc...