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Holly Antoinette Pattinso
Moral distress
Unable to give compassionate care to patients due to insufficient staffing. Going home feeling depressed because you couldn't give your best.. I now work in homecare where I can provide quality, com...
Alicia Caraballo, RN, dō
Experience in Healthcare
Through my experience in health care, and as a mother, I have learned that our nation lacks education when it comes to knowing how to truly care for one self; rapidly resulting in taking unnecessary o...
Celina G. Afenir, RN, BSN
Building Meaningful Relationships
Venita J. Crow, LVN
Healthcare Revenue Loss; The Struggle is Real
Healthcare Revenue Loss; The Struggle is Real "Provider-based clinics and associated operations have become very popular for hospitals because increased reimbursement results from filing both a fac...
June Brown, RN, BS
Did You Know? The bottoms of our feet contain some of our largest pores, along with many reflex points and nerve endings, making them a popular and effective area for topical oil application. If you h...