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Rebecca N. Sweet, RN
Thoughts on correctional nursing
Correctional nursing is a well-kept secret. The pay is typically above average compared to salaries in other fields in the area. However, there are challenges a nurse should know about before entering...
Silvana Renziehausen, RN
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Ashley P. Keen, FNP-C
We are in the process of re-writing our bonus program at our office. Our administrator wants to change the program to use the Medicare reimbursement program that utilizes relative value units (RVUs). ...
Dianne Dupuis, RN, BSN, M
Human Rights Violations
Please share my article so the whole world knows the human rights violations in the US penal system from the perspective of a Registered Nurse....
Janet R. Sheppard, LVN II
This Saturday one of the students I preceptor is getting her nursing pin.what I teach the students they take it to heart....