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Pamela S. Frazier, RN, DH
Add Flavor to Your Meals and Improve Your Health
Make this the year that you decide to add more herbs and spices to your cooking. This will not only improve the flavor of you food it will help to naturally improve your health and aid in weight manag...
Jenna Noelle Beilman
Nursing Student
Fellow Nurses, I am a student nurse and having a hard time getting scholarship money for school. Since I am young and still living at home until I graduate from school, the school goes off of what my...
Ginger Ray, RN
Nursing Beyond Nursing
I Would like to know how many nurses out there truly care about the true meaning of Considerate, Compassionate Nursing care. In this Journey I have had the opportunity to work in many specialties an...
Janet R. Sheppard, LVN II
At work
This is my 5th day at work with 4 16 hours shifts.And my 3rd day of preceptor of new nurses student...
Jenny C. Carista, RN
My Lady