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Janet R. Sheppard, LVN II
At work
This is my 5th day at work with 4 16 hours shifts.And my 3rd day of preceptor of new nurses student...
Jenny C. Carista, RN
My Lady
Janet R. Sheppard, LVN II
Another long week
Worked my week of just having 2 CNAS on floor.Today I pinched in and did 2 showers for them before I did my medication pass and was still on time with it all....
Jenny C. Carista, RN
For my Jenny, My Nurse, My Riding Buddy
In 1999 my Nurse was put into my world and we had no idea what life was in front of us. Jenny was 44, and had a dream of being a Nurse. 2 years later, she graduated from Trinity Valley Community Colle...
Marie Kontra, RN, CRN
Why a nurse
When asked what made me decide to be a reply is's a calling not a job. You pick a job but nursing picks you. Unless you have compassion empathy servitudeGenuine caring for someone else'...